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Taps are a lot more than an aesthetically pleasing touch to your bathroom and kitchen. As they can make your cleaning and washing experiences a whole lot more convenient for you and your home. Thus, meeting even your most specific of expectations of your modern home.

Bubbles & Dreams have 70 bathrooms on show in our Leigh Showroom. Showcasing some of the finest yet most affordable sinks and taps on the market. And with the best installation services in the local areas of Manchester and Merseyside.

You are in the safest hands possible with the team here at Bubbles & Dreams.

Different Types of Taps

A traditional tap is easy to use, its basic, but it’s out of fashion, it won’t last as long as the newer models. Modern taps are all about their slick, curvy design. Specifically, the ability to change it to the ideal temperature and how easily the distribute water.

Bubbles & Dreams have many different taps to choose from. These help fit in traditional, contemporary and modern bathrooms. Ultimately, there to last years upon years in any bathroom.

The most popular type of bathroom taps are Monobloc Bathroom Taps. Known for their one hole and how easy they are to quickly use, adjust the temperature and how much water is saved. This makes them a very much cost-efficient investment made to last.

Get new taps at Bubbles & Dreams

The team here at Bubbles & Dreams are always eager to help and always ready to welcome you into our Leigh Showroom. Here you can see all of our products and appliances in the flesh. Thus ensuring yourself that you are making the right purchase for you and your bathroom.

To kick start the whole process, Bubbles & Dreams offer free measurements and free professional advice, to ensure that everything is of the most suitable size and design for your bathroom.