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Vanity Units

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Vanity Units are perfect in every household, providing you and your bathroom. Having a crisp design for your convenience and a luxurious look to your home, no matter if you are in an early morning rush or in a busy family home.

For the highest quality yet most affordable vanity units, as we, here at Bubbles & Dreams, pride ourselves on our exceptional track record in customer satisfaction. There is a reason for our outstanding reputation in the North West.

Bubbles & Dreams have been improving bathrooms in the local areas of Leigh, Manchester, Merseyside and Warrington for over 10 years. Our team having grand experience in specialist bathroom advice, bathroom design and bathroom installation.

We can help you bring your dream bathroom into reality, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our team make sure that we don’t just get the job done. But do a remarkable job so that your dream bathroom is made to last.

Why are Vanity Units so important?

Vanity Units are handy for many reasons, for storage. Having massive drawers for you to keep your bathroom essentials in, for cleaning of course. On top of this, a big, easy to use, money saving tap and basin system.

With there being so many different brands and models to choose from. Each having that slick design, bringing personality to your bathroom, no matter if its old or new.

It is all the more likely that you will find the vanity unit for you. Here at Bubbles & Dreams, as with how extensive knowledge of each of our products. So that we can find the ideal vanity unit for you and your home.

Vanity Units at Leigh Showroom

Our Leigh Showroom has lots and lots of bathrooms on show, to help inspire new ideas for your bathroom. You and our team will work hand in hand to help bring out new life in your bathroom. With the help of some the biggest brands, such as Burlington, Cleargreen Baths and Phoenix.

Our Leigh Showroom is located on High Street, with a massive showroom showing all of our bathrooms. But alternatively you can give us a call, for a quick chat or long discussion about your bathroom, at: 01942 601004.