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Bubbles & Dreams offer the best tiling services across the Leigh and Warrington area. Being known across the local area for our exceptional tiles. We are proud to have been enhancing our customer’s bathrooms for over 10 years.

Our outstanding design and planning process, as well as our remarkable installation services. To bring some bright personality to your bathroom and kitchen, with a range of different colours and styles to choose from. We make sure that our customer’s bathrooms are built to last!

Bubbles & Dreams have a massive range of bathroom appliances and flooring. Our team specialise in both floor tiling and wall tiling, giving you a lot of versatility and most importantly durability. Thus making sure that your investment is for the long term.

Tiles at Bubbles & Dreams

There are many kinds of different tiles which you will be able to choose out of for your bathroom.  With colours, designs and styles all varying, as we have tiles which can fit traditional, contemporary and modern interiors. We aim to make sure you are spoilt for choice.

Tiles don’t have to be completely in your face. A simple wooden tile design can really bring out life in a simple, small bathroom. This tells you everything you need to know about the price: reasonable and affordable.

Our team, here at Bubbles & Dreams, know everything you need to know about tiling to make sure that you feel at home within your new bathroom. And to ensure that you make the smartest bathroom investment possible.

How our team can help you

Bubbles & Dreams provide the best tiling service within the local area, and you can get ahead of the curve by visiting our Leigh Showroom to learn all the ins and outs about your new tile flooring and tile walling.

So, our team will guide you throughout the whole planning, designing and installation process, whilst you maintain full creative control over your bathroom, as both parties combining will make your home, a home to be proud of.