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Mirrors are an essential in every modern day bathroom. Whilst you take care of yourself in your bathroom, making sure you look your best before your day at work.

Bubbles & Dreams have a range of different mirrors to browse. In the hope of finding the mirror, which is the best fit for your bathroom. One which will fit in with your pre-existing interior, as well as being the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom.

Bathroom Design at Bubbles & Dreams

Bubbles & Dreams have been specialising in bathroom design for over 10 years. Becoming known for how well we help our beloved customer’s with their bathrooms. Contemporary, modern and traditional designs, using our wealth of experience to improve bathrooms across the North West.

Whether you are getting ready for the day or brushing your teeth in the evening, a mirror can really help make sure that you are taking care of yourself and looking your best at all times. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, Bubbles & Dreams have a wide range of mirrors to choose from. Making it increasingly likely that you will find the best fit for your bathroom.

Mirrors can be a lot more than just a mirror; our most popular mirror is the Boston LED Backlit Mirror. This acts as a light source too, for an aesthetically pleasing finish to a bathroom.

Our Leigh Showroom

Bubbles & Dreams can help you with any of your bathroom interior needs, from mirrors to tiling, with our team always being available to show you around our Leigh Showroom, in the hope of working with you to bring your dream bathroom into reality. Our professional installation services are of the finest quality from experienced installers, to make sure that the reasonable investment in your bathroom pays off, and that your bathroom is built to last, with the finest bathroom appliances on the market.