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Bath Panels

Looking for Bath Panels?

Bath Panels

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space, aesthetics are what make it your very own sanctuary. When it comes to enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, often the focus is on fixtures, tiles, and accessories. However, one element that is often overlooked but can make a significant difference is bath panels.


  • Straight Panels
  • Shower Panels
  • Shower Panels
  • Corner and Offset Panels
  • Space Saver Panels
  • Bath End Panels
  • Bespoke Sized Panels
  • Engraved Panels
  • Illuminated LED Panels
  • Storage / Access Panels

We stock all kinds of designs in a choice of colors and finishes; so that you can choose the perfect bathroom panelling. Why not call into the showroom where you can browse through our range to select the panel to complement your bathroom.

No, matter your budget you will be able to find the perfect bath panel!


Need Help with finding the right Bath Panel?

If you find yourself torn between various bath panel materials or are unsure about which one suits your bathroom best then it’s wise to seek professional advice.

At Bubbles & Dreams, our experts are well-equipped to provide guidance and recommendations based on your specific needs and budget constraints. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance, as our experts can make your bath panel shopping experience seamless and informed.

If you have any inquiries on bath panels, then our expert team can help with finding you the right bathroom accessory. So, feel free to drop into our store from Monday to Saturday and see for yourself.

Establishing Bath Panels

Bath Panels are the pieces that surround the sides of your bathtub, so they serve a dual purpose. Firstly, to cover and protect the structural elements of the bathtub and then to enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Bath panels come in a variety of materials and finishes, making them an essential component of your bathroom’s overall design.

Bathroom panelling, often synonymous with bath panels, refers to the decorative or functional elements that surround your bathtub. These panels contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Therefore, offering opportunities for colour coordination and texture selection to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment.

Bathtub surround panels play a crucial role in making your bathroom elegant and functional. They are specifically designed to encase your bathtub, protecting it from moisture and potential damage. These panels offer a seamless look to your bathing space while ensuring that the underlying structure remains well-preserved.


Practical Considerations

Apart from aesthetics, bath panels serve practical purposes as well. Firstly, your priority should be to protect the structural elements of your bathtub from moisture and potential damage.

This includes how the choice of material can significantly impact how easy it is to clean your bath panels. So, consider materials that are easy to wipe down and maintain for a hassle-free experience.

Access panels can be incorporated into the design, allowing you to reach essential plumbing or maintenance areas with ease. Bath panels can also contribute to insulation, helping to keep the water temperature stable for longer, saving energy and ensuring a comfortable bathing experience.


Style and Aesthetics

Bath panels contribute significantly to your bathroom’s aesthetics. Your choice should align with your desired style and overall design. So consider these style factors:

If you have a traditional bathroom, wooden bath panels with their warm and classic appeal may be your preference. On the other hand, if you aim for a sleek, modern look, high gloss or acrylic panels are likely a better fit.

Your bath panel’s colour should complement your bathroom’s existing colour scheme. Wooden panels can be stained or painted in various shades, while acrylic and high gloss panels come in a wide range of colours.

The texture of your bath panel can add depth and character to your bathroom. Wooden panels boast a natural grain, while tile effect panels mimic the look of tiles for a seamless appearance. High gloss panels, though sleek, might lack the texture found in wood.


Bath Panels from Bubbles & Dreams

Then, Bubbles and Dreams can introduce you to their wonderful range of bath panels. Where the shape or size of your bath is not a problem because we will have a solution to fit your bathroom. Or you may be cost-conscious in which case our budget range bath paneling might be best for you

If you are looking for a replacement panel for your shower or corner bath, then we can also source made to measure panel manufacturers that provide perfect solutions. And bespoke panels can also include things like exclusive engraving and branding to LED illuminated Bath Panels.

Custom bath panels are functional and are an opportunity to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics and create a harmonious space. Consider the material, design, and color coordination to achieve the perfect bath panel for your bathroom. So remember, custom bath panels are the finishing touch that can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

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