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Helping you clean and wash, Sinks are absolutely essential to any bathroom and kitchen, being a place of self-care, which should be as personal and as ideal as possible. Sinks come in all shapes and sizes, all adding a different dimension to a bathroom, with Bubbles & Dreams having a wide array of different basins and sinks to find the one most suited to your bathroom and to your needs. Luckily for our customers, Bubbles & Dreams have an amazing Showroom, located in Leigh, full of a variety of different sinks and basins, in many different bathrooms, so that you can see your future sink in what could be your dream bathroom, as we help you through the stressful planning and installation processes.

As previously mentioned, Sinks can come in many different forms, from your typical freestanding basin to a cabinet sink, with different sinks being perfect for different homes, for different needs and of course to fit with different interiors. You can’t go wrong with a traditional freestanding sink, being an easy, efficient cleaning station for any bathroom, whereas a more luxurious basin, with a more versatile tap can give you a completely different washing experience. A Cabinet Sink is the most convenient for a family home, storing all essentials in the drawers and of course having a choice of different kind of taps and sizes.

Bubbles & Dreams have a team of friendly professionals who are always eager to help customers and their bathrooms, and they will allow you to maintain full creative control over your bathroom, so that we can work hand in hand to work towards your dream bathroom. We offer top of the range tiling services, on top of all of our remarkable products and fitted kitchens, serving as perfect finishing touches to any bathroom.