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Crosswater have been supplying Bubbles & Dreams with many different bathroom products. For instance: bathroom furniture, baths, showers and taps, supplied to Bubbles & Dreams, and with good reason. Thus, Bubbles & Dreams, Crosswater and you will be working hand in hand for the best results possible.

B&D offer only the finest and most affordable bathroom brands to our customers. To, thus, make their dream bathroom building experience a whole lot easier. Making sure that your bathroom will be made to the highest standard, installing your bathroom to make sure it lasts.

However, with our experience, you are in the safest hands with Bubbles & Dreams! Being beloved across the local areas of Leigh, Liverpool, Manchester, Merseyside and Warrington, for our exceptional track record.

Who are Crosswater?

Crosswater have bathroom accessories and furniture of many different colours, designs and styles. These are suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms, providing you the choice between contemporary designs and luxury designs.

Crosswater have a fine range of baths and showers at very reasonable prices. Bubbles & Dreams have an excellent team of professionals. So, are known in the local area for how good their customer satisfaction track record is.

There are many of Crosswater’s finest products on show at our Leigh Showroom. We have over 70 bathrooms on show, as we aim to find the perfect appliance, perfect tiling or perfect bathroom. Here in Bubble & Dream’s Leigh Showroom, there is everything you need for your bathroom.

Contact Bubbles & Dreams

Bubbles & Dreams have an exceptional track record in the local area. Becoming popular for our amazing customer service, our exceptional range of product and our expert installation services. As a result of making sure that customers and their bathrooms are in the safest hands possible.

Our Leigh Showroom is located on High Street, with a massive showroom showing all of our bathrooms. Alternatively you can give us a call, for a quick chat or long discussion about your bathroom, at: 01942 601004. For further enquiries, get in touch, by clicking here.