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Bubbles & Dreams offer a wide range of different bathroom appliances, with Aquadart being one of them. B&D aim to join forces with you and our brands to give you the most prestigious bathroom experience possible.

Aquadart specialise in showers, specifically shower enclosures and shower trays. Thus, offering luxury showers to add flair to a bathroom, turning a humble, contemporary bathroom into an excellent modern bathroom full of character.

Our team have been installing showers for over 10 years and with their wealth of experience they will ensure that your shower is fitted to last. Here with Bubbles & Dreams, you know your purchase is very much cost-efficient.

Who are Aquadart?

Aquadart is a British family run business, which has been operating for 100 years providing the latest premium shower designs.  Aquadart have a wide range of different builds and styles of showers, meaning that they have a shower for every bathroom. And this is where we come in, as we sell Aquadart’s Showers at generous, affordable prices.

Bubbles & Dreams have many different showers to pick from. From showering units to specific showerheads, with this variety making it all the easier to find the most suitable shower.

Showering Units give a unique feel to any bathroom, making for a much more comfortable showering experience. So, customers invest in this, as it is the most efficient way to shower.

Get in touch

Bubbles & Dreams have a wide range of showers on show, so we suggest either a quick look or long tour around our Leigh Showroom, located on High Street, being the best place to look to invest in a brand new bathroom.

For any enquiries, get in touch with the Bubbles & Dreams team. They have been bathroom specialists for a number of years, so can give you the support needed. To get in touch, click here.