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Toilets are always the most essential part of any bathroom. Being a place which needs to be a place of comfort and privacy. So investing in one which is perfect for you is absolutely vital for the sake of you and your bathroom.

Here at Bubbles & Dreams, we have a wide array of all bathroom appliances and bathroom designs. No matter how drastic of a change you would like to make to your bathroom. Thus, offering the finest Basins, Mirrors, Toilets and so on.

Bubbles & Dreams are open Monday to Saturday, ready for our customers to browse until their heart’s content. To look around our 70 bathrooms on show. To get a good idea of exactly what they are looking for, for their dream bathroom.

Toilets on sale at Bubbles & Dreams

Gone are the days of using a rusty toilet chain, every modern day toilet has two different flush buttons. The half flush and full flush which needless to say you save money. It’s easier to use and they are built to use as less water as possible.

Modern Toilets are a lot more durable and comfortable, with toilets on average lasting around 15 years. Making it vital to make a smart investment on a top of the range toilet.

Bubbles & Dreams have a range of different toilets to choose from, to find the ideal fit for your bathroom, toilets of all different designs, sizes and styles, to find the one which meets all of your needs and wants.

Our Leigh Showroom

Bubbles & Dreams welcome you to our Leigh Showroom, so you can browse our 70 bathrooms on show. You can find the best bathroom appliances possible, to meet your needs, wants and most importantly your budget, no matter how big or small, to make sure you are happy with your bathroom.

Our team is offer free professional advice and free measurements. Along with helping you throughout the whole planning, designing and installation process.

So feel free to contact our team via telephone at: 01942 601004. Alternatively we can contact you if you provide us with your telephone or email on our website.