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Showers are essential to invest in, being a place in which you can escape everyday troubles and most importantly wash and take care of yourself. Bubbles & Dreams are a local Leigh business, known for their exceptional bathroom improvements over the past 10 years.  In addition to an amazing customer satisfaction track record.

The team at Bubbles & Dreams invite you to our Leigh Showroom, in which we have over 70 bathrooms on show. This to help inspire ideas for your dream bathroom. And ultimately help you find the shower perfect for your bathroom, all at reasonable prices.

Showers at Bubbles & Dreams

Bubbles & Dreams have many different showers to pick from. From showering units to specific showerheads, with this variety making it all the easier to find the most suitable shower.

Showering Units give a unique feel to any bathroom. Making for a much more comfortable showering experience, thus being the most efficient way to shower.

Bubbles & Dreams have plenty of different showerheads to choose from. In different shapes, different sprays and different builds, to meet even your most specific of showering needs.

For a much more specific, yet modern way of showering is a Power Shower. This is a shower which mixes hot and cold water to reach a specific temperature. Thus, saving more water than your traditional shower, so you can shower your way!

Our Leigh Showroom

As aforementioned, Bubbles & Dreams have a wide range of showers on show. So we suggest either a quick look or long tour around our Leigh Showroom, located on High Street!

We also offer tiling services, for both bathrooms and kitchens, to add extra flair to your home and add a finishing touch to your home, all of course being very much affordable and of high quality.

Contact Bubbles & Dreams

Bubbles & Dreams are the go to business for any bathroom interior design needs and problems, with our team being able to help you through the planning, designing and installation process, whilst you maintain full creative control over your bathroom.

To contact our team, feel free to give us a call at: 01942 601004 or we can contact you via email as soon as possible.