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Cistern Components

Need Help with finding the right toilet cistern?

If you have any inquiries on toilet cisterns, then our expert team can help with finding you the right bathroom accessory from our showroom displays.

With a choice of styles to suit all sanitaryware and prices to suit all budgets.

In the process of looking for new toilet cistern parts or components then Bubbles & Dreams can help you find the best solution. Whether you have a fault or need to repair a part we can advise as it is much less complicated than you might think.

The upper part of a standard toilet is called the cistern and is like a water tank. The cistern in turn stores water to flush through the toilet basin every time you press the button or pull the chain.

Additionally, toilet cisterns have varying water storage capacity and options of water being saved or recycled. Whilst the initial development of the toilet was a complex invention, today’s consumers use ultra-efficient, ecologically designed systems.

The Modern Toilet Cistern

These days, most modern toilets have flush buttons that are split into two parts, the half flush, and the full flush. You choose how much water you want to use. Then, once you press this button, the water from the cistern rushes into the toilet bowl and is flushed away.

For a more traditional bathroom, we supply new cisterns and parts including brackets to support a high-level cistern. Team this with chrome low-level flush pipes for a real vintage retro look.

If space is lacking in your bathroom a concealed cistern is a great option. A concealed cistern sits hidden behind your tiling or wall, creating more free space in your bathroom.

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