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In recent years, Radiators have become increasingly popular within new bathroom interiors, adding a convenience and flair to modern bathrooms.

Radiators in bathrooms come in many different forms. A typical household radiator, a towel railing, handles and heated panels. Which can fulfil different needs: warming the room, for aesthetics and for drying, being convenient additions to any bathroom.

Bubbles & Dreams’ Leigh Showroom has many different bathrooms on show, with many different radiators. This is to help you envision how a bathroom radiator may fit into your bathroom. On top of this our professional advice to ensure that you are making your ideal purchase, at very reasonable prices.

Modern Bathroom Radiators

Modern Bathroom Radiators can be an amazing compliment to your bath. Perfect for times of relaxation, to help you settle down. Making you a lot more comfortable in even an old bathroom.

Bathroom Radiators are perfect for drying, drying towels and flannels. Making your early morning routines easier, as well as adding that subtle touch of class to your bathroom. Especially if there is an empty space on the wall.

The team here at Bubbles & Dreams have plenty of experience installing bathroom radiators. So our professionals will ensure that they are installed and made fit for work. Ready to last a long time.

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Bubbles & Dreams have been operating in the North West for over 10 years, improving our customer’s bathrooms with the help of some of the finest bathroom brands, with top quality products at respectable prices.

Bubbles & Dreams also offer free professional advice and free measurement services hoping to make this whole process a lot easier for both parties. So, Bubbles & Dreams welcome you to the Leigh Showroom. No matter if it’s a quick chat or long discussion about your bathroom.

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