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Silicones may literally be the glue to your bathroom, serving as a convenience, yet also having a clean look in modern bathrooms, adding an extra dimension to your tiling, and having many of them to choose from, all serving specific needs.

Bubbles & Dreams have an amazing range of different bathroom appliances and tiling, silicones coming under this of course, with a professional team around ready to help you bring out the life in your bathroom.

Bubbles & Dreams have been specialising in bathroom design for over 10 years. Becoming known for how well we help our beloved customer’s with their bathrooms, contemporary, modern and traditional designs. And using our wealth of experience to improve bathrooms across the North West.


Silicones have differing functions, such as anti-mould, sealant and showerproof, but all being used to stick tiles together. To ensure they don’t get misplaced in anyway. Yet modern day bathrooms have adapted it so it is more of style, than something to cover up.

All of our professionals use silicone to make sure that your bathroom is built to last. And with this very product, you can do the exact same. Encouraging you to know the ins and outs of your own bathroom.

Welcome to our showroom

Bubbles & Dreams welcome you to their Leigh Showroom, where we have 70 of the finest bathrooms on show, to help fuel your ideas so that we can work towards your dream bathroom.

Here, our friendly team will show you around our Leigh Showroom. And look to meet your needs and wants, and hopefully help install your new bathroom.

Our Leigh Showroom is located on High Street, with a massive showroom showing all of our bathrooms. Alternatively you can give us a call, for a quick chat or long discussion about your bathroom, at: 01942 601004.