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Bathroom Trends for 2023

Although bathrooms often go overlooked, the bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the home. Not only is it a sanctuary, but they’re also a necessary part of any home and, as the place…


16th January 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Bubbles & Dreams have been fortunate enough to have another very successful year thanks to our customers. As always we appreciate the continuous support especially the travelling customers. It is safe to say that we…


19th December 2022

Bathroom Makeover for Christmas Guests

A Bathroom Makeover isn’t just for Christmas, they are forever. Or at least should be, however, with Bubbles & Dreams on the job we provide bathrooms with a lasting effect. Quality and Longevity always come…


6th December 2022

Installing a Downstairs Toilet

A Downstairs Toilet will always be smaller than the upstairs, yet it has value in so many different ways. In addition to being really convenient, converting a small space into a downstairs bathroom will set…


1st November 2022

70% off sale Bathroom Products

In the local areas of Leigh, St Helens, and Warrington, we are known for providing our customers with their dream bathrooms at the most reasonable prices. So, we’ve made some of our bathroom products even…


14th February 2022

Bathroom Renovations Bolton

If you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation in Bolton, it’s worth noting that it can add 10% to the value of your home over time. Bathroom renovations come at a cost; however, they can make…


2nd February 2022

Bathroom Tile Ideas in 2022

A new year can often mean a fresh start, so what better way to start by renewing your home space and getting the best bathroom tile ideas in 2022. Perhaps you’ve been putting off your…


10th January 2022

New bathroom ideas for 2022

Out With the Old, In with The New with our New bathroom ideas for 2022! If you’re looking to start the New Year by making changes to your bathroom? Whether you’re looking for new flooring,…


31st December 2021

Why Choose a Mixer Shower?

Mixer Showers are an excellent way of finding your precise desired way to shower. This is because the shower mixer valve is able to work with any sort of water system. Therefore, thermostatic mixers will…


16th December 2021

Bathroom Sale Warrington

When it comes to a bathroom sale Warrington it is good to know we are here to help with bathroom renovations. Our bathroom experts at Bubbles & Dreams can be your go-to company for any…


19th August 2021

Is it time for a bathroom renovation?

Is it time for a bathroom renovation? Aging bathrooms need to be renovated as soon as possible, to keep your bathroom in great, healthy condition, making it a place of peace and comfort, and to…


12th August 2021

Bathroom Sets Warrington and Wigan

Eventually, your bathroom will need to be updated, enhanced, and improved, brought into 2021 and the best way to do so is to invest in a top-quality bathroom set Warrington. A brand new bathroom set…


18th June 2021

White Porcelain Floor Tiles St Helens

The first step to any luxurious and hygienic bathroom is flooring, a clean, modern, smooth tiled floor really sets the tone for the rest of the bathroom. Therefore, one of the most popular types is…


11th June 2021

Bathroom Renovations Wigan

In most cases, bathrooms need constant attention and maintenance throughout the years, a process that may seem long and tiring. However, Bubbles & Dreams offer bathroom renovations and brand-new bathroom furniture and equipment, within the…


3rd June 2021

Bathroom Designs Bolton

Looking for Bathroom Designs Bolton? then perhaps we can help? Our bathroom showroom will very much help you add a personal flair to your home décor and help you achieve a bathroom with a new…


24th May 2021

Baths Wigan

Baths Wigan play a vital role in making your bathroom feel as comfortable and personalised as possible. Our bath experts think the perfect bathroom should be more than just a place to clean, it should…


18th May 2021

Why White Porcelain Tiles are trending?

Whilst White Porcelain Tiles are currently trending, Bubbles & Dreams have put this page together to educate you on their selling points.  The most popular choice customers make when undertaking a kitchen design project is…


21st April 2021

Tile Store Leigh

In the past 20 years, interior design has gone from strength to strength. It’s become extravagant and popular, especially with all of the unique, vibrant bathrooms we see every day in magazines, online and in…


10th December 2020

Bathroom set trends for 2020

Here at Bubbles and Dreams, we like to keep our ears to the ground and make sure we’re on the ball when it comes to the latest bathroom trends. So if you’re thinking of updating…


13th February 2020