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Britton have a massive range of contemporary bathroom appliances, many being supplied by Bubbles & Dreams. Ranging from high-end to reasonably priced, known for their simplistic yet luxurious approach to bathrooms.

Here at Bubbles & Dreams, we have provided our customers with Britton bathroom appliances for over 10 years. B&D have an amazing reputation in the local area, for our exceptional installation services and amazing customer satisfaction track record.

There are many of Britton’s finest products on show at our Leigh Showroom and we have over 70 bathrooms on show. We aim to find the perfect appliance, perfect tiling or perfect bathroom, here in Bubble & Dream’s Leigh Showroom.

Britton’s Products

Britton provide Bubbles & Dreams with some of the finest bathrooms, such as Hoxton, Shoreditch and Trim styles. All different designs offering different potential personalities to thus, help you bring out new life in your bathroom.

There are many different colours you can choose too, with typical black and chrome styles. As well as brass for a more experimental design to make your bathroom stand out.

Bubbles & Dreams offer plenty of Britton’s Bathrooms and Appliances. Our aim is to provide affordable bathrooms and installation services of the highest quality. With Bubbles & Dreams, however, you are guaranteed to get one step closer to your dream kitchen.

Any enquiries about Britton products?

Our team here at Bubbles & Dreams, can help you spark some new life into your old bathroom. Whether it is just installing a modern basin or a complete overhaul, we can help you through the planning, designing and installation process. So. our team will ensure you maintain full creative control over your bathroom.

Pairing your exciting ideas with our wealth of experience in bathroom installation and design. We can transform a bland traditional bathroom to a modern bathroom with a lot of flair and personality. B&D can meet both your budget and design desires, whilst ensuring you that your bathroom is made to last.

For your burning enquiries, get in touch by clicking here.