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Bath Filler

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Bath Filler

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Bath Filler

We have a great selection of high quality bath filler taps, in a huge choice of styles to complement any bathroom. The bath tub filler provides a neater finish than a pair of standard bath taps. Which is ideal for creating more of a modern appearance. Or if you want to go for a minimalist look, the bath filler gives you the chance to fill the bath using a deck mounted bath filler. So, there are many benefits to a bath filler tap from style to a modern taste.

Additionally, the taps are a simple, effective way to refresh your bathroom on a budget. They take both a hot water input and a cold water input and mixing the water to the desired temperature. Allowing you to run the perfect bath without having to guess what temperature it will be when it’s ready. So, if you wish to indulge in a bath on a regular basis, mixer taps are a good option.

While using baths with a hot and a cold tap, each with their own separate spout. Most people have experienced the disappointment of allowing the bath to fill up. Only to discover the water is either too hot or too cold when it comes to testing.

We Sell a Range of Bath Fillers

This is followed by the inconvenience of having to let some of the water out. Particularly tricky if you’re having to remove the plug from a bath that’s too hot! – before more hot or cold water is added. Not only is this time consuming! It’s also very wasteful when water is such a precious commodity. Mixer taps save you from the waste and inconvenience, not to mention possible injury. As the water can be mixed to the optimum temperature before your bath fills up.

Choose from a range of styles and options, which are sure to fit any bathroom design here at Bubbles and Dreams

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