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Why Choose a Mixer Shower?

16th December 202121st December 2021No comments

Mixer Showers are an excellent way of finding your precise desired way to shower. This is because the shower mixer valve is able to work with any sort of water system. Therefore, thermostatic mixers will always provide the best shower experience by blending together both the cold and hot water. To give you the most control over your shower and allow to find the temperature and pressure which is right for you!

So, which Mixer Shower is ideal for your bathroom? No matter if you are a first-time shower buyer or already know exactly what you need, the team here at Bubbles & Dreams will be able to guide you in the right direction to find the shower perfect for your bathroom!

Thermostatic mixer shower

These showers are becoming increasingly popular, becoming the modern-day option for an affordable yet luxury showering, A thermostatic mixer shower is excellent at blending together your hot and cold water, so that your shower temperature is as precise and as personalised as you desire.

Although the thermostatic word may sound complicated, it fust means you can control the temperature. In fact, this type of system is simple to install and works well with most boiler systems. Additionally, mixer showers are very versatile, fitting into any bathroom interior as they come in different sizes.

Do shower mixer systems work with a combi boiler?

Usually, mixer showers are paired with combi boiler systems, because it is an easy installation option that allows you to control the temperature of your water whenever you need it. As the other is a traditional heated water tank, installing a mixer system could potentially save you a lot of money on your water bills.

On the other hand, mixer showerheads do still work with your traditional Gravity Boiler System, mixing the water from both your hot and cold water tanks, in theory saving money off your bills. And, use less hot water whilst you use more cold water instead.

Unvented Boiler Systems are the perfect middle ground between the two, meaning that your shower will use less hot water from your water tank by mixing it with the cold water of your shower.

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There is also a range of different types of mixer types to pick from too. For instance, single-lever mixers are your most basic type of mixer option. This type works by using the lever to slightly adjust the temperature so it’s perfect for you and there is an option to control the water’s flow rate. Similarly, there are sequential showers, which are a lot more specific with temperatures, yet can’t control the flow rate.

Additionally, you can opt for a concentric mixer, which is a blend of the two. Basically, by having two different rotary controls, one for flow rate, one for temperature. This means, that you can keep your perfect temperature the exact same for your next shower, similarly to bar mixer Showers instead with diverter valves.

Bubbles & Dreams have a variety of different showers and mixer showers, with our hardworking team having in-depth knowledge of our Mixer Showers, so that we can pair your boiler system with the best suited

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