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White Porcelain Floor Tiles St Helens

11th June 20213rd June 2021No comments

The first step to any luxurious and hygienic bathroom is flooring, a clean, modern, smooth tiled floor really sets the tone for the rest of the bathroom. Therefore, one of the most popular types is white porcelain floor tiles.

For our St Helens customers, Bubbles & Dreams Tile Warehouse offers some of the very best white porcelain floor tiles and installation services. Additionally, we aim to give you the best quality flooring; and the best bathroom flooring installation. So, you can enjoy your beautiful white porcelain floor for years to come.

What are the advantages of white porcelain floor tiles?

The main advantage and selling point of white porcelain floor tiles are their timeless beauty. Plus, porcelain tile offers good resistance, being very much durable and thus suitable for high traffic areas. As well as resisting wear, white porcelain tiles are great at resisting moisture and grease. And, this timeless tile is manufactured to last.

The main assumption of white porcelain floor tiles is that they will be hard to clean and more likely to stain, mainly because of the colour, however, this definitely isn’t the case. In fact, porcelain is easy to clean and maintain. A quick wipe down is all it takes to clean up any mess.

White porcelain floor tiles are also very much aesthetically pleasing and add a classy look to your bathroom, whilst still being very cost-efficient and reasonably priced.

Buy porcelain floor tiles near me

Our Leigh Showroom, a quick drive away from St Helens, has a variety of different flooring and tiling on show. So, you can envision white porcelain floor tiles in a bathroom setting of both modern or traditional bathroom furniture and accessories.

We are not just White Porcelain Floor Tiles St Helens! Why not see our other pages about bathroom renovation in your area…

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Bubbles & Dreams aim to provide you with your dream bathroom, offering a vast array of products to help either specifically find your ideal bathroom or to inspire ideas for your dream décor. Our team are always free to answer any questions, to give you a quick tour of all of our bathrooms on show, as well as offering a high quality installation service.


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