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Updating your Bathroom? Is now the best time?

15th September 202117th May 2022No comments

Did you know September is the ideal time of year to consider updating your bathroom, just before the big rush when people decide they want autumnal bathroom installations? All, in the home of completion prior to the Winter months and the Christmas season.

Covering all of your bathroom needs, from tiling services to brand-new bathroom appliances to even a modern fitted bathroom, Bubbles & Dreams are here to ensure that your bathroom isn’t only updated, but updated to last a long time.

Updating your Bathroom can be easy

With our team of professionals having specialist knowledge of bathroom products and installation. So, our bathroom designers are able to pair your needs with products and create fitted bathrooms which have a timeless style. And, It’s so easy to contact our team, and then we can begin work on your bathroom and start to plan all bathroom updates, installations, and enhancements.

Most importantly, once we have your bathroom suite and accessories we’ll get it installed as soon as possible. And, even though we are promising a quick turnaround we also promise to maintain our high standards and exceptional prices. Which we’ve become known for in the local areas of Leigh, St Helens, and Warrington.

Updates to your Bathroom should be hassle-free

It can be a hassle having house improvements in the middle of winter, the cold weather tending to be more of an inconvenience. Plus, Winter has some of the busiest months of the year. Hence why Bubbles & Dreams want to ensure that the work which needs doing on your bathroom is boxed off in autumn to make your Christmas a lot less stressful.

Autumn is an especially good time of year to search for a new bath and shower, giving you the dream bathing experience to wake you up on cold winter mornings and to settle you down after long, bleak winter days.

Bubbles & Dreams work with some of the biggest bathroom brands, such as Burlingtons, Hudson Reed, and Silverdale, to offer you these prestigious branded products, giving our local North West customers the best bathroom experiences at the most reasonable prices.

The Bubbles & Dreams Leigh Showroom is open Monday to Saturday, allowing you to browse our showroom, as our team will be able to suggest the most appropriate products and services for your new bathroom, with our team having a wealth of knowledge on both specific branded products, as well as the installation and maintenance services, meaning that your bathroom will be built to last!


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