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Tile Trends for 2023

30th January 202330th January 2023No comments

Tiles are some of the most decorative and versatile surface finishes. They have been used and enjoyed within interiors for centuries, with changes in shapes, sizes, materials, colours, patterns, and so on. Beautiful, hardwearing, and highly durable, tiles are a great way to breathe modern new life into the home through kitchen or bathroom tile ideas. So whether you are looking for Bathroom, kitchen, wall or floor tiles, here are some of the Tile Trends for 2023.

After the Christmas holidays, everything seems a little sad with the shortest days and longest nights of the year; midwinter can certainly live up to its bleak reputation. So, this January, take advantage of what the new year brings. Such as clearing out clutter, starting a healthy habit and making plans like whether you’re looking to give your bathroom, kitchen or home a simple refresh or a new look. So start making plans a reality this January with a visit to Bubbles and Dreams.

Choosing Wall and Floor Tiles Trends for 2023

When picking tiles for your home, key aspects include the tile material and finish, size, colour, and pattern, layout. Ultimately, the overall look and impact you want to achieve with the design.  From walls to floors, tiles add beautiful texture, impactful colour and artistic pattern to the home. Plus, establish layers of solid protection.

With so many changing trends and styles to choose from, visit wall & floor tile warehouse in Leigh and look at our tile trends for 2023. We can help you narrow down your selections and be in the know about the latest tile designs.

Bathroom Tile Trends

Tiles are an excellent way to add colour, pattern and interest to a bathroom and any room. Plus, you can easily create an impact with tiles. Whilst trends change, you don’t want to change your bathroom every couple of years. However, replacing tiles is less expensive than completely renovating your room. This makes tiles one of the more accessible and affordable ways to update a bathroom.
While white bathroom tile ideas are still popular thank to their spacious, bright, clean demeanour if you’re feeling a little more rebellious, why no opt for something dark and mysterious for your bathroom tiles? It will create elegant, hotel-inspired feel to your space that will make a statement.
In the world of fashion and interiors, checkerboard has been a storm over the last couple of years. Whether you like it or not, this classic pattern is here to stay for 2023. Whether you opt for a more traditional black-and-white pattern or create vibrant, modern colours, a checkerboard tile pattern can add a beautiful touch to any space.

Kitchen Tiles Trends

As the needs of the kitchen change, and it becomes more of a living space than ever before. The kitchen increasingly becomes a living space in its own right. Kitchen furniture design is changing to follow suit. Porcelain kitchen tiles are still on trend for 2023. With their hardwearing qualities, flooring needs when it comes to family life. They are also perfect to use with underfloor heating.
Moreover, patterned tiles are a fantastic way to make a statement in your kitchen. With the kinds of patterns, from geometric shapes to colourful Mediterranean styles as favourites already. Furthermore, solid floor tiles can be mixed and matched in designs and colours.

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