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Tile Store Leigh

10th December 202015th March 2023No comments

In the past 20 years, interior design has gone from strength to strength. It’s become extravagant and popular, especially with all of the unique, vibrant bathrooms we see every day in magazines, online and in adverts. It’s become the norm to have a gorgeous, well-presented bathroom, and that what we want to provide you with in our Tile Store Leigh!

Tile Store Leigh

Here at Bubbles & Dreams we have over 40 bathroom designs ready for you to browse at our Leigh showroom, as not only can you admire our bathroom designs, but our friendly team can help you out during the whole process, helping you, plan, design and install whilst maintaining your full creative control.

Fitted Bathrooms, Walk-in Showers and vibrant tile designs, these are all the common expectations of a modern bathroom. These designs are known to be rather colourless, yet unbelievably professional, formal and extravagant, providing your household with a very relaxing, laid back aura, allowing you freedom and space within your room. Appliances like built-in showers have that modern, clean look whilst functioning so effective and convenient both aesthetically and hygienically.

Our more reserved, traditional bathrooms lend a lot from the modern day, freestanding and fitted bathrooms and blend a lot materials and colours together to give off a natural look, which takes advantage of tiling and vinyl flooring. With these kinds of bathrooms, they are very simplistic yet have a lot of personality, encouraging decoration and flair, from a grand mirror to a few plants to fit with the natural look.

Bubbles and Dreams – Shower and Bathroom Showroom

Here at Bubbles & Dreams, our team is ready, raring to go, to help you craft and design your ideal bathroom. Whether it’s your old bathroom needing a new spark of life or a brand new bathroom for your new home, our team has a wealth of ideas and knowledge in interior design, which can only help benefit you and your home. Contact our team today at: 01942 601004.

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