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Why you need a power shower in your life!

10th March 202024th August 2022No comments

Power showers are very convenient and very cost effective way of showering. They come with an in built electric pump which makes them best suited to low pressure systems. Not only will they save you money in the long run, you will also be able to have a relaxing power shower after a hard day at work.

These types of showers would be a perfect fit for any modern day bathroom. As they’re the ideal blend of an electric shower and a mixer shower you’re getting the best of both worlds. Here at Bubbles and Dreams, we can help you throughout the purchasing and installation processes. Our team are here to ensure that you fulfill your bathroom’s potential.

How does a power shower work?

Gone are the days of waiting around for the boiler to kick in and heat up the water! Power showers function by mixing both hot and cold water, in order to provide you with your desired temperature. The water within a power shower is only heated when needed so excess energy isn’t being wasted thus saving you even more money on your energy bills. Despite being typically low pressured, you are given the freedom to control the temperature and pressure so you can shower your way!

Power showers can help enhance your bathrooms, so why contact our friendly team on 01942 601004? They’re available for any inquiries or even just a chat about getting the most out of your bathroom. We have a team of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to bathroom design.

We also have a showroom on High Street, Leigh which you can pop into to have a look around. On display, we have a range of bathroom appliances, tiles and much more. We’re open from Monday to Saturday 9am – 5am and you’re always welcome in!

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