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Is it time for a bathroom renovation?

12th August 2021No comments

Is it time for a bathroom renovation? Aging bathrooms need to be renovated as soon as possible, to keep your bathroom in great, healthy condition, making it a place of peace and comfort, and to ensure that your bathroom is as convenient and best suited to your needs and wants.

Thankfully you are in good hands with Bubbles & Dreams, known for our luxurious yet affordable bathroom renovations in the North West area. Plus, offering bathroom accessories from the biggest bathroom brands as well as fantastic tiling services.

Bathroom renovation – How much does a new bathroom cost UK 2021?

So, What is the cost of a new bathroom in the UK in 2021? The average cost of a new bathroom is between £3000 and £6000, but it can cost as much as £15,000 for a high-quality bathroom installation. In other words, bathroom prices can vary greatly. And, if you opt for a DIY bathroom renovation project on a budget it is going to cost a lot less; possibly as low as £1000.

Here’s our guide to bathroom renovations cost

1. Plumbing Costs – Water supply, heating, and drain pipes

2. Electrical Costs – Wiring, lighting, and ventilation

3. Bathroom fittings – Fixtures like bath, taps, toilet, shower, and storage

4. Walls – Tiles, paints, or the cheap tile alternative, the wall panel

5. Labour & Bathroom Fitters – For preparation and installation and waste removal

On this basis, it’s good to know we offer a full fitting service. Additionally, we stock an array of different basins, baths, showers, taps and toilets. And, we are also able to take your bathroom one step further with our phenomenal wall & floor tiling services.

Gone are the days of your old, moldy bathroom, Bubbles & Dreams work hand-in-hand with the biggest bathroom brands, such as Burlington, Hudson Reed and Salgar, to bring your bathroom into the 2020s. No matter if it’s a brand-new fitted bathroom or a luxurious new bath. Bubbles & Dreams have the largest range of bathroom accessories.

As well as being able to browse our website, you are also welcome to browse our Leigh Showroom, where you can come in for a chat about your ideas for your new bathroom renovation whilst our team share their knowledge to ensure that you are going to have the best Bolton bathroom renovation possible. Alternatively, you can also have a 360° virtual tour online and contact our team via telephone at: 01942 601004.

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