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Installing a Downstairs Toilet

1st November 2022No comments

A Downstairs Toilet will always be smaller than the upstairs, yet it has value in so many different ways. In addition to being really convenient, converting a small space into a downstairs bathroom will set your property apart as modern. Not to mention that it can add around 5% onto the value of your property, whilst not being overly costly to install.

These bathrooms are optimised to be a compact design, no matter of the design, style or even dimensions. As a result of this, you can convert a cupboard or small room perhaps even update your outdated bathroom.

Entrust Bubbles & Dreams to carry out this project, as our team are renowned for bathroom installation jobs. Despite how small the room may seem, this is an important job which we can get done ASAP. Best of all, our showroom is filled with luxury bathroom equipment at the most affordable prices.


Is it even worth having a Bathroom Downstairs?

Just for pure convenience alone, a bathroom downstairs will go a long way having easy access to a bathroom on each floor. This becomes especially helpful in busier households with big families and whilst guests are round. In addition to being a way of keeping your guests downstairs during dinner parties.

Many people get concerned at the thought of planning a downstairs toilet, yet it isn’t that technical. Whilst yes you certainly need adequate plumbing in there, you can locate the bathroom anywhere. With another misconception being that planning permission is needed, which simply isn’t true.

Best of all, Bubbles & Dreams are able to get started on your bathroom projects immediately.


How we will help with your Downstairs Toilet

After you have established the basics, such as your budget and measurements this is when you can consider design.  The four key features of these smaller bathrooms are the toilet, sink, lighting and ventilation. All four of these can lead to you investing in a new window, as is common with converted bathrooms.

From this point you can get in touch with one of our bathroom design consultants, who have years working with bathrooms. This is where the technicalities will be covered and where your ideas will be taken one step further. With such experience in the industry, it would be foolish to ignore any of their bathroom design advice.

Following this you can handpick the toilet, sink and any other additions going into your downstairs bathroom. Only shortly followed by our bathroom installation team coming round and fitting the bathroom. By the end of this you will certainly have a bathroom to be proud of!


Bathroom Design and Installation at Bubbles & Dreams

As stated, it is really easy to get your project underway at Bubbles & Dreams. This is because all we need are measurements and a good idea of what you are after.

If you are in need of a bit of inspiration, all you need to do is have a look around our showroom. Here you will find everything your bathroom could need at the highest quality. Not to mention the more than reasonable prices.

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