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How to create a Design-led Bathroom using Grey Porcelain Tiles

8th July 2022No comments

Design-Led Bathrooms are the best approach to bathroom design to bring variety and efficiency in design. By establishing uses and expected experiences, a bathroom design company will be able to build a bathroom around your needs. In recent years, we have noticed that the most effective solution for design-led bathrooms is grey porcelain floor tiles Wigan.

Grey Porcelain Tiles are known their aesthetics and smooth material, a blend perfect for modern bathrooms. Everyone wants this contemporary look for their uniquely crafted bathrooms, a very modern approach to last years. However, it can be a struggle to find a reliable company to deliver the necessary quality.

The Bathroom Design Company and suppliers for you are Bubbles & Dreams. Our Leigh-based team are available in-store for discussions and even to suggest specific products to you. Only being a short drive from Wigan, this will be very worthwhile visit to establish your specifications.


Grey Porcelain Tile Wigan

Grey Porcelain Floor Tiles Wigan are found in both bathroom and kitchen alike, and this is done to the material. The precision manufacturing on this involves many different layers, resisting impact stress due to the hardwearing tiles. Even at the slim chance of damage, with tiles you will only need to replace the individual tile, unlike vinyl floor.

The same surface requires very little upkeep, ideal for any kitchen owner and maintaining the appearance. As a result of this, this makes porcelain floor tiles ideal for pet and family homes. Thus meaning less scratches and stains and more resistance for your new kitchen.

Depending on the shade and your expectations, Grey is a versatile colour for interior design. So it can be a light, restful colour to bringing moodiness to your bathroom.  Not to mention how you can pair the tiles with the appearance of your bath or shower Wigan.


Bathroom Designs at Bubbles & Dreams

Lighting Design Wigan really adds to the personalisation of a design-led bathroom.  Mirror Lighting is by far the most popular, but this can be taken a lot further with flexible systems. For instance Ceiling Downlights are popular with wide bathroom spaces

Floor Tiles aren’t the only tiling job you can have in your bathroom, consider wall tiles. Bath Tile Wigan is an excellent choice, a luxury design located just above your bath. Wall Tiles provide a flair which will slot into a bland outdated bathroom.

A top quality shower isn’t always the first thought, yet might be your best investment. Showerheads, designs and different models are very much worth looking into. Browse for your ideal shower Wigan at Bubbles & Dreams’ Leigh Showroom.


Wigan Bathroom Showroom

The Bubbles & Dreams Leigh Showroom isn’t too far from Wigan. Here you will find luxury bathroom equipment at affordable prices, along with an expert installation team. This is the place for Bolton, Leigh, Warrington and Wigan customers to overhaul their bathroom.

Our team will be able to show you around, recommend and guide you through the bathroom design process. When everything is ticked off, this is when our team can get to work on your bathroom. So, to contact our team for any enquiries click here.

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