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Budget Bathroom Ideas: Affordable Ways of Updating your Washroom

31st October 20221st November 2022No comments

Many homeowners let their bathroom deteriorate over time, just based on huge bathroom design prices. This leads to not just an outdated décor, but an ineffective, unhygienic washroom with little home comfort. Thus, it’s best to tackle a bathroom head on whilst being fully aware of these Budget Bathroom Ideas.

Despite what the advertisements want you to believe, it doesn’t cost a fortune to continuously update your bathroom. Yes, a complete bathroom redesign is undeniably a plus, it’s the little additions and nuances which make the biggest differences.

If you need a team of bathroom specialists, who better than Bubbles & Dreams Leigh? For many years Bubbles & Dreams have been building our reputation due to our craftsmanship and prices. Not only do we work with some of the biggest manufacturers, we identify gems to improve our customer’s bathrooms.

What small additions can I make?

Mirrors can make the biggest statement in your bathroom without being the most costly addition. The addition of a mirror can boost the natural light in your room and add a contemporary look with a bold frame. Plus this is becoming a timeless style, ideal for getting ready in the morning.

Bathroom Furniture will set the tone for your bathroom, so replace your old sink design with a vanity unit. Combine both a sink with a gorgeous looking cabinet for storage. From here, you will be able to match different pieces of bathroom furniture if your budget is to increase.

Most customers believe that colour can only be achieved through a complete bathroom overhaul. However, there are so many ways from shower mats and towels to investing in new brassware. Not only can different taps function differently, but there are many different finishes you can choose from to help with colour.


Tiles: A Worthy Investment with a Lasting Finish

Tiles are a very cost effective way of redesigning your bathroom without it being a complete renovation job. If nothing else, tiles drastically improve the visual appeal and overall décor of your bathroom. As a result of this, many bathrooms use them to bring the most out of a shower’s appearance whilst also protecting the walls.

These are the best excuse to subtly change your bathroom’s style, achieved through colour. Above all, the most cost effective means of doing this is matching two colours together. For instance, this may be white tiles matching them with a light coloured bathroom cabinet

Even if you decide to spend a bit more on tiles, these will last longer than anything else in the bathroom. High quality tiles are very durable and withstand a lot of water overtime, so will last decades. The only thing to keep in mind is they need frequent cleans and need sealer applying every few years.


Budget Bathroom Ideas at Bubbles & Dreams

Not only is our bathroom equipment and furniture reasonably priced, so are our new bathrooms. Our fitted bathrooms and unique bathroom suite designs are extremely popular across the local areas. This is due to our team identifying high quality bathroom additions and supplying them as affordably as possible.

So, if you are interested in a bathroom redesign at any price range contact us. The Bubbles & Dreams team have an array of different solutions, which can be seen in our showroom.

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