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Bathroom Suite: The way forward for Bathrooms

25th May 202227th May 2022No comments

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past 30 years, becoming a place to escape rather than cleaning stations. Whilst yes, a bathroom’s primary focus should be keeping you clean, make your bathroom into a bathroom suite. Many bathroom trends from 10, 15, and 20 years ago have come and gone, meaning now is time to invest.

What is the difference between a standard bathroom and a luxury bathroom suite? A Bathroom Suite is bursting with personality and with precise layouts to open up space.

Cheap Bathroom Suites are becoming a lot more common; however, price and quality can be a problem. This is why you should come to bathroom specialists Bubbles & Dreams, and check out our bathroom suite sale. With our fine reputation across the North West, our customers are guaranteed top-quality craftsmanship and product quality.


Why a Bathroom Suite?

A Bathroom Suite is intended to be the complete bathroom experience from your home. With not just the essentials: the sinks, toilets, and showers, but complete with storage, decoration, and bath basins. The most important takeaway is the lack of restriction compared to a usual bathroom.

Turn an old bathroom into your brand-new Bathroom Suite, which ticks all of your boxes. Start as simple as choosing whether it’s a bath, shower, or bath-shower suite, then choose a furniture décor to match. From here you can decorate with different floor and wall solutions, such as planks and tiles.

Working with Bubbles & Dreams means that we can provide you with big-brand products for affordable prices. Our in-house bathroom specialists can supply and install you with bathroom products. We cover everything from a quick update to brand-new bathroom suites UK.

Future-proof your Bathroom Suite

Whether it is an en-suite or a huge suite, it is always best to invest for the long term. With such a huge investment, our suites are made with this in mind, manufactured with hardwearing materials.

The biggest recommendation is a tiled bathroom suite, a durable, easy-to-clean wall, and flooring suggestion. Mix and match colours until you find the idea tone-setter or our suggestion is to experiment with different shapes. Stray away from the norm and browse raw natural-material tiles, for a modern, unique suite.

Not only are they all the buzz at the minute, but marble surfaces are also an attractive long-term solution for your surfaces. Becoming popular in kitchens, Marble Surfaces are recommended for new bathroom suites for all the same reasons. Achieve a luxury look for your bathroom suite UK with a shatter-resistant to maintain its beauty for years to come.

Bathroom Suites Sale Leigh

Bubbles & Dreams are the lead bathroom suppliers in the Bolton, Leigh, Warrington, St Helens, and Wigan areas.

If you are looking for cheap bathroom suites of high quality, we recommend visiting our Leigh Showroom. Here you can discuss your vision and plan your new bathroom with the Bubbles & Dreams team. See what’s on our bathroom suite sale to see if you can bag a luxury bathroom at a bargain price.

If you have any immediate enquiries or questions for our team regarding services and products, click here to contact them.

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