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Bathroom set trends for 2020

13th February 202024th August 2022No comments

Here at Bubbles and Dreams, we like to keep our ears to the ground and make sure we’re on the ball when it comes to the latest bathroom trends. So if you’re thinking of updating or even designing a brand new bathroom, then you’re in the right place! These are some of the bathroom set Warrington ideas that are going to be all the rage in the coming year.

Bathroom set Warrington

  • Freestanding bathroom accessories

A freestanding bathtub or sink is a statement piece that isn’t just a stunning focal point, it also adds a touch of elegance to the room. It’s an easy combination to ensure your bathroom looks modern, stylish and fresh. Freestanding furniture isn’t something that really dips out of fashion, they may be pricey but they are excellent buys that retain their value.

  • Digital showers

Now this is a trend that has been growing year on year.  For some it may be a step too far, however many people enjoy and welcome technology into more and more parts of their life. A digital shower means no more fluctuating temperatures or water flow, they make sure that you’re getting the perfect showering experience, every time. Not to mention, many digital showers now include media and entertainment systems. Singing in the shower has never been so good!

  • Simplistic as well as being luxurious

It’s no surprise to us that the minimalist and simplistic trend has been with us for the past few years. But people now are wanting to add a touch of luxury to their bathroom, and why not! Rimless toilets, digital showers and high quality tiles are all easy ways to create that hotel feel without bursting the budget!

Bubbles and Dreams Bathroom and Tile Warehouse

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