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Adapting a Bathroom for an Elderly or Disabled Person

23rd March 202323rd March 2023No comments

Are you thinking of adapting a Bathroom for an Elderly or Disabled Person? Whether you or a family member need extra care in the shower to avoid slipping and falling or are looking for a solution to problems getting in and out of the bath, home adaptations are changes you can make to your home. These make it safer and easier to move around and do everyday tasks.

Showers designed to put ease, comfort, and independence back into showering and bathing. Furthermore, you can get help to create an inclusive bathroom that empowers those with mobility issues. Whether through a disability or old age.

How do you adapt a bathroom to a disabled person?

Home adaptations are changes you can make to your home. These make it safer and easier to move around and do everyday tasks. Your local council usually offers a service that assesses your home and recommends changes to help and is usually free and will suggest things like:

A Grab Rail for the Elderly

A grab rail will help provide added reassurance for the elderly with mobility issues and can be vital for those with specific disabilities. A grab rail could be added to the wall adjacent to your bath. For help getting in and out, or perhaps next to your shower. Or to help ease themselves onto and off the toilet.

Shower Seat 

For those with mobility issues, standing for a shower may be a bit of a struggle. It may be worth investing in a shower seat. The great thing is there are plenty of stylish designs to choose from which will complement your décor. When not in use, they fold back up and remain out of the way.

There are two options: a freestanding shower seat for short-term house guests. Or a fold-down seat installed in the homes when Adapting a Bathroom for an Elderly or Disabled Person.

Walk-in Shower

We understand the importance of independence in later life, particularly when washing and showering. It would help if you enjoyed your shower as much as possible and the relaxing time you spend in it without worrying about slipping or falling.

A walk-in shower offers the advantage of everything being on one level. From wet room showers to easy-access showers, you will find a walk-in shower that suits your needs. There are models perfect for the elderly who struggle with mobility but can still move around. Or you can pick a walk-in shower with a seat; these models are great for people who struggle to stand in a shower. Alternatively, a walk-in wet room is an excellent choice for people looking for wheelchair access or who need a model without step-in shower trays. At the same time, making your disabled bathroom look good.

Can I get a grant to have a shower fitted to adapt a bathroom for an elderly or disabled person?

You could get a Disabled Facilities Grant – find out more on GOV.UK. Or visit Independence at Home. A Home Improvement Agency (HIA) can also help you find schemes to help with the cost of adaptations.

Find out if there’s an HIA in your area.

How to Design a Bathroom

Here at Bubbles and Dreams, we can help you design a bathroom that allows you to optimise your space for your everyday needs with all the essential features and storage units perfect for you. To find out more, visit our Leigh showroom or call us today!

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